Friday, April 14, 2006
Maybe it's come a time we put cameras at the polls like we do for the courtroom. We could document all problems. Show who worked on machines and why. Show the vote it'self without showing the person. Tract the first run problems with new machines. See who has access to the machines. And if a dispute arises about a persons vote status a video of the person swearing under oath that he/she has proper voting privileges could allow that person to vote. A computer program could check the video for errors and make a recount a rather simple affair.
Monday, April 10, 2006
I have a way of saving democracy that our college students can take as their own war aganist enemies of democracies. Guys you can standup for us all. Just as we stood up in the 60's and declared I'm black and I'm proud wearing colors, hair styles, clothes and reading literature and discussing it at every turn and registering to vote when we were old enough. Our voices cried out for a votings right act and many died to get the right to vote. The polls, places where elections are held today need quality workers these new voting machines have become the new way to steal elections. In the 60's it was threats of death to us if we voted. Loss of job, not getting hired, and other forms of intimidation. So all you alpha, kappas, deltas, phi betas and democracy loving students everywhere please stand guard on our democracy. For your future democracy guard our voting places from crooks. Your intelligence and skills can spot errors, record those pesky anomlies man made and otherwise. The world needs you to organize and save America an experiment in democracy almost 250 years old.Technorati

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